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Digital Change

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eDCR Process

eDCR (eDigital Change Review) is designed to provide schools with a clear evaluation and high level guidance in preparation for a full digital strategy for teaching and learning with technology. Through our Appreciative Inquiry methodology, this tool will help you to evaluate your current practice and determine clear, actionable goals in order to enhance all aspects of teaching and learning.

Our Approach

Appreciative Inquiry provides a positive, practical, and contextualised solution, which harnesses and celebrates the strengths and experiences of everyone within a system. It provides a foundation upon which a new, sustainable vision can be created. Coupled with our Performance Framework, a coherent and strategic way forward can be formulated in order to focus development using identified outcomes as key drivers.

“The eDCR process has really helped to kickstart the digital transformation at Coedffranc… SLT now plan to work with Aspire 2Be to expand on these recommendations as part of the school’s digital development plan, and aim to focus on a whole school culture rather than a stand-alone feature.”

Liam Lloyd, Digital Lead, Coedffranc Primary School